The Underground King - full set

The story of this set is about an underground civilization who lives deep beneath our planet's surface and has never seen the light of the Sun. It is said that one day, their King found out about the surface, the "blue ceiling" and the glowing ball that lights everything.
He wanted to bring some of that light into his world and searched for ways to steal it!,... at least a fraction of it! And somehow he managed to bring a tiny piece into his kingdom. When he showed the flaming sphere to his people, they all started worshiping the goddamn thing like it was... the latest smartphone or something. :))
But the bright light was doing more harm than good to the tiny eyes of these cavemen, so after a while... they all died happily ever after.

End of story!


Bogdanmrk the underground king advanced
Bogdanmrk the underground king regular